Are PowerFX Wristband Reviews Generally Favorable?

Customer testimonials for the PowerFX wristband are mostly positive, where customers note that the wristband helps to relieve headaches and pain and improves athletic performance. However, a Mayo Clinic study on ionized wristbands, such as the PowerFX, showed no difference in pain relief benefits between ionized and placebo wristbands.

One PowerFX purchaser notes that following a terrible car accident, doctors told him his career as a musician was over, but since wearing the wristband, he is able to play again. Another customer states that after four back surgeries, he can no longer bend over and claims that the PowerFX wristband helps him to walk and reduces his pain. Most customers state that after wearing the bracelet for a short time, their pain dissipates, with one specifically noting that while wearing the wristband, her chronic pain from arthritis goes away.