What Are the Potential Side Effects of Using Marine D3?


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Marine-D3, which contains a 2,000 IU dose of vitamin D3 in two capsules, generally has few side effects, states ConsumerLab.com. If a person takes too much Marine-D3 or another supplement with vitamin D3, it results in dangerously high calcium levels that cause vomiting, nausea, thirst, tiredness and constipation, notes WebMD.

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The daily recommended dose of vitamin D3 in an average adult is 400 IU, states ConsumerLab.com. The dose found in Marine-D3 can be beneficial to a person who does not get enough of the vitamin, although there are more cost-effective ways to get it, such as stepping outside in the sun, states Everyday Health. Marine-D3 also contains omega-3 fatty acids from calamari oil, but there are again more efficient ways to get this than the supplement, such as consuming fish twice a week.

People who take phosphate binders must not take Marine-D3 because of possible interactions, states WebMD. Also, those taking medications with calcitriol must not take Marine-D3, because calcitriol is very similar to vitamin D. Vitamin D3 can also interfere with cholesterol tests and yield false results.

Another ingredient in Marine-D3 is brown seaweed, but there is not enough medical evidence that lists its potential side effects, states ConsumerLab.com. While Marine-D3 claims to be an anti-aging product, there is not enough medical research to back it up.

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