What Are Some Potential Side Effects of Imodium Tablets?


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Some potential side effects of Imodium are bloating, loss of appetite, constipation and stomach pain with nausea and vomiting, as reported by Drugs.com. People taking Imodium should check with their doctors if they experience these rare side effects.

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Other rare side effects of Imodium include dizziness, drowsiness and a dry mouth, according to Drugs.com. These side effects generally do not need medical attention, but people taking Imodium should consult a health care professional if the symptoms continue or become bothersome. These side effects may go away as the body adjusts to loperamide, the active ingredient in Imodium.

Rarely, a skin rash occurs as a side effect of taking Imodium, in which case patients should seek medical attention from a doctor or nurse as soon as possible. The skin rash could be a hypersensitivity reaction to the medication, as reported by Drugs.com.

Some of the reported gastrointestinal side effects of Imodium, including nausea and vomiting, could be due to the illness that the Imodium is used to treat. Doctors treating patients with Imodium have noted some cases of urinary retention and physical dependence on the drug, although these occurrences are rare. There have also been some reported cases of anaphylactic shock, according to Drugs.com.

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