What Are Some Potential Side Effects of Excedrin Extra Strength?


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Upset stomach, nervousness, vomiting, nausea and chronic difficulty falling asleep are common side effects of taking Excedrin Extra Strength, according to WebMD. Infrequently, the medication may cause overexcitement, although that is not considered a severe side effect. Rare side effects include stomach or intestine wall rupture, bronchospasm, acute liver failure and hemorrhaging within the skull. Older adults are more likely to experience side effects.

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Additional severe side effects of taking Excedrin Extra Strength include the development of discolored spots and elevation of skin, hemolytic anemia, interstitial nephritis, giant hives, and inflammation of the skin caused by allergies, explains WebMD. Side effects typically considered less severe, such as drowsiness, itching and ringing in the ears, are considered serious side effects of taking Excedrin Extra Strength. If severe or prolonged side effects are experienced, individuals should discontinue using the medication and consult a physician right away.

Individuals with aspirin-sensitive asthma should not take Excedrin Extra Strength, warns WebMD. Prior to taking the medication, patients should discuss any history of asthma, blood disorders, blood clotting or bleeding problems, liver or kidney disease, and nose growths with a doctor.

Caffeine, acetaminophen and aspirin are active ingredients in Excedrin Extra Strength, notes WebMD. The acetaminophen and aspirin relieve pain by blocking the production of certain natural substances, and caffeine helps by increasing the effects of the aspirin and acetaminophen.

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