What Are Potential Causes for Bright Yellow, Smelly Urine?

Vivid and smelly urine is commonly caused by certain foods, medications and dehydration, according to Mayo Clinic and Healthline. Different foods that are linked to smelly urine include onions, garlic, fish and asparagus, says Healthgrades. Urine that is a lemon-yellow color may also be a result of over-the-counter medications, states Mayo Clinic.

Vivid yellow urine is a common indication of mild dehydration, which is easily fixed by drinking water or other fluids, explains the Cleveland Clinic. However, if symptoms such as mental confusion, weakness or extreme fatigue accompany discolored urine, serious dehydration is the potential problem and it requires immediate medical treatment, states Healthline.

Urinary tract infections are another cause of discolored and smelly urine. Additional symptoms related to urinary tract issues include abdominal or back pain, bladder cramps, frequent urination and dribbling urine, says Healthgrades.

UTIs are caused by bacteria in the urine. Doctors commonly treat this kind of infection with antibiotics, claims Healthline. Other symptoms associated with UTIs are painful urination, cloudy or foamy urine, and strong urges to urinate.

Discolored and smelly urine is also a potential indication of an underlying issue with other organs. Symptoms associated with other organs that happen along with abnormal urine include easy bruising or bleeding, excessive hunger and a fever, notes Healthgrades.