What Is a Post-Surgical Gallbladder Diet?


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Immediately following gall bladder removal, a patient typically starts with a clear liquid diet and steadily builds to solid foods, advises Everyday Health. Over the next several weeks, a patient can eat whatever is tolerated, but many patients find they need to limit certain foods.

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Mayo Clinic explains that when the gall bladder is removed, less bile is available for digestion, and this can affect a patient's ability to digest fat and fat-soluble vitamins. Eating a lower-fat diet can help with digestive upset. Increasing fiber can help regulate the bowels, but it should be gradually increased over several weeks. Some people may experience difficulty digesting dairy products and carbonated beverages and may need to avoid them. Eating smaller, more frequent meals help ensure the bile that is available is enough to aid in digestion. Meals should include lean protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Over half of those who have their gall bladder removed have some difficulty digesting fats, states Everyday Health. Over several weeks, the body does adjust to the change, and most people are able to return to a normal diet within a month of surgery. Although some digestive upset is expected after gall bladder surgery, patients are advised to report any serious problems, such as severe pain in the abdomen or persistent diarrhea, to their doctor to rule out potential complications.

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