What Are Some Post Ovulation Symptoms?

Some of the signs and symptoms of ovulation are abdominal cramping, changes in vaginal secretions and a spike in basal body temperature, according to Mayo Clinic. Signs of ovulation and post ovulation can be different in every woman.

Mayo Clinic states that in some women, ovulation can cause mild abdominal cramping. This cramping feels similar to menstrual cramps. A few days of mild cramping followed by no cramping can signify that ovulation has recently occurred.

During ovulation, an increase in vaginal secretions frequently occurs. These secretions are clear and slippery. Mayo Clinic compares them to the look and consistency of egg whites. The American Pregnancy Association claims that after this discharge darkens, becomes cloudy or stops, ovulation has already occurred, and the chances of pregnancy drop drastically if intercourse takes place.

According to Mayo Clinic, a spike in a woman's resting body temperature often occurs during ovulation. Mayo Clinic advises women to take their temperature daily with a thermometer made for checking basal body temperature before getting out of bed each morning and to log the information daily. The American Pregnancy Association states that women are most fertile right before and during these temperature spikes. Once the basal body temperature returns to its normal resting rate, ovulation has taken place.