What Are Some Post-Operative Instructions for Patients With Ureteral Stents?


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Post-operative instructions for patients with ureteral stents include getting extra rest; drinking plenty of fluids; avoiding caffeine, carbonated beverages and alcohol; taking any medications prescribed by the attending physician; and avoiding sexual activity, according to Dr. John J. Bauer for Urology Services, Inc. Frequent urination, discomfort and blood in the urine are common after the procedure but usually diminish in the first few days. In some cases, they remain the entire time the stent is in place.

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A ureteral stent is a device that extends through the urethra from the outside of the body to the bladder to hold the urethra open and prevent blockage due to stones or masses, explains Dr. Bauer. The stent is put in place during a surgical procedure by a urologist. Spinal or general anesthesia reduces pain during the procedure, which is often done in conjunction with other procedures on the urinary tract.

Following the operation, the patient spends one to two hours in the recovery room, states Dr. Bauer. Some patients experience nausea due to the anesthesia, but a special diet is not necessary. Risks from the procedure include bleeding, infection, pain, scar tissue and the failure of the procedure. Risks from surgery in general include problems from blood clots and complications from the anesthesia.

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