What Is the Post-Operation Care Following Eye Surgery?

Patients should wear goggles or eye shields when sleeping for at least seven days to protect the eyes after laser surgery, explains the WebMD. Post-operative care also includes discontinuing use of products such as shaving lotion and hair spray as well as partially used makeup. Patients should avoid driving until a physician approves the activity.

Patients should not expose the eye to tap water or soap for at least one week following laser eye surgery, recommends WebMD. They should avoid rubbing the eye area for at least a month following surgery to prevent bacterial contamination to the eyes.

Patients should wear sunglasses on bright days for at least a year after laser eye surgery, because bright sunshine can cause scarring to the eye, explains WebMD. They should avoid exercise for at least two days following surgery and wait at least 10 days to color or perm their hair. Patients should avoid makeup for at least one week and lakes, saunas, whirlpools and swimming pools for at least three weeks while recovering.

Dusty and dirty environments pose risks to the eyes, according to WebMD. Protective eye coverings and avoidance of areas with dust or dirt for at least seven days after laser eye surgery help reduce those risks.