What Are Some Post Hernia Surgery Exercizes?


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Some post hernia surgery exercises include core-stability exercises, such as bridges, pulley lifts and adductor lifts. The patient might also perform gentle stretching of their quadriceps, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, soleus and gluteal muscles.

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In a bridge exercise, the person lies on the floor and slowly lifts the buttocks up till the body is in a straight line from knees to shoulders. The bridge can also be done with the feet resting on a medicine ball.

Later, patients may add exercises like lawnmowers and A-walks. As the healing progresses, the patient can add upper limb weights that don't strain the abdominal muscles, bicycling and box step-ups.

After checking with a physical therapist to make sure that the adductor muscle tests can be done without pain, the patient may start to exercise with a slide board and start lower limb strength training exercises, including good-mornings, calf raises and Nordic hamstring lowers. The regimen may then include walk-jog drills followed by low-intensity runs. Swiss ball donkeys can also be added to the other exercises.

When patients are nearly healed completely, they should be able to add high-level ball exercises and long-lever adductor drops without pain. Foot plyometrics should be able to be completed without pain, as should vertical and horizontal hops and cross over hops.

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