What Are Post-Cataract Eye Drops?


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Post cataract eye-drops are medications that are given to individuals who have undergone eye surgery. The drops are usually given to help prevent infections and internal inflammation. The drops may be used for a few weeks or months depending on the extent of surgery, notes All About Vision.

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After undergoing cataract surgery, patients go through a period called recovery time. During this time, they may be given a protective eye patch to guard their eyes from the harsh elements including dirt and toxins. Doctors also give post-cataract eye drops to help hasten recovery and prevent complications.

Antibiotic eye drops are given to prevent infections that may be caused by bacteria. The antibiotic is especially important because the wound from surgery may still be wet and not fully recovered. Anti-inflammatory eye drops are also given to prevent pain, redness and swelling of the eye.

Individuals that have gone through eye related surgery are advised to avoid driving on the following day. They should avoid strenuous activity for at least 1 week and avoid bending over since this may put too much pressure on the eye affected, according to All About Vision. Avoiding activities such as swimming, rubbing the eyes and exposing the eye to irritants are also important to keep in mind.

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