What Are Some Possible Treatments for Skin Lichen Planus?

Some possible treatments for skin lichen planus include topical corticosteroid creams, a course of oral medications such as prednisone and metronidazole, and ultraviolet light treatments, according to MedicineNet. Special mouthwashes containing a pain killer are helpful when the lichen planus rash affects the oral cavity.

Skin lichen planus, a common skin disorder, can be diagnosed by its distinctive appearance or by a skin biopsy, explains WebMD. As of 2015, there is no cure for this skin condition.

Benadryl and dyphenhydramine are antihistamines that can moderately relieve itching caused by skin lichen planus, as noted by WebMD. Medicated creams can be applied when lichen planus affects only a small part of the body. Wrapping or taping the affected area at bedtime after the cream is applied can be helpful, as noted by MedicineNet. For localized, thick and itchy areas, a local corticosteroid injection can be given.

A low dose corticosteroid taken every other morning may be prescribed if itching continues after a normal course of medications such as prednisone and metronidazole, states MedicineNet. Ultraviolet light treatment may also be helpful in alleviating the itching of skin lichen planus. Specific mouthwashes taken before meals can help with painful lesions in the mouth.