What Are Some Possible Treatments for Dementia Patients Who Suffer From Anger?


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There are several medication and nonmedication treatments available for someone that suffers from anger associated with dementia, including antidepressants and antipsychotics. Nonmedication approaches are recommended because they do not cause the patient to suffer from unpleasant side effects, states Alzheimer's Association. Sometimes, however, a nonmedicated approach isn't enough and patients should consider medication.

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Identifying the factor causing the patient's anger is highly recommended by Alzheimer's Association because once the cause of the problem is determined, a solution can be found. Sometimes, making changes to the loved one's environment can help eliminate the anger associated with the disease. It is important for loved ones of a dementia patient to stay patient and remember that the anger is caused by the disease and the person with dementia is not intentionally trying to be mean or angry.

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