What Are Some Possible Signs of a Brain Tumor in Women?


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Symptoms of brain tumors in both men and women include headaches, seizures, changes in vision and issues with balance, states WebMD. Changes in speech and hearing, numbness or tingling in the extremities, difficulty walking, problems with concentration and memory, and personality changes are also symptoms of a brain tumor.

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The aforementioned symptoms may also be caused by a variety of other health conditions, according to WebMD. Symptoms caused by a brain tumor vary and are dependent on the size and location of the tumor. This variance in symptoms occurs because different parts of the brain control different bodily functions. While some types of tumors cause symptoms that develop slowly, others cause symptoms to develop very quickly. It is common for headaches caused by tumors not to improve with use of headache medications.

Brain tumors that are benign generally do not take root deep within the brain tissue, states WebMD. This is beneficial, assuming the tumor is in an operable area, because the this type of tumor is easy to remove with surgery. However, even a benign brain tumor is a very serious medical condition due to its location. A benign brain tumor puts pressure on brain tissue and the skull. Malignant or cancerous brain tumors grow faster than benign tumors and invade the surrounding tissue. Brain cancer can spread to other areas of the brain and central nervous system.

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