What Are Some of the Possible Side Effects of Multiple Myeloma Treatment?


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Possible side effects of multiple myeloma treatment include infection, fatigue and nausea, according to Everyday Health. These side effects are common among multiple myeloma patients irrespective of the treatment method and the health status of the patient.

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Myeloma treatments cause infection include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and drugs administered while undergoing stem cell transplant, says Everyday Health. The infections occur as a result of bacteria, viruses or fungi, which typically live on the skin and inside the mouth. Multiple myeloma treatments lower the white blood cell count, leading to a weakened immune system and predisposing the patient to infections. Common infections that result from myeloma treatment include chickenpox and flu. However, doctors treat these infections with antibiotics and vaccines.

Myeloma treatment often causes fatigue, which is the feeling of tiredness, states Everyday Health. However, it should not be a cause of much concern, as the symptom usually disappears over time. As for nausea, patients take anti-nausea drugs to reverse the condition.

Although the treatment side effects of multiple myeloma usually disappear at the end of the treatment, patients should seek immediate medical attention as soon as they appear, advises Everyday Health. Doctors advise the patient about necessary measures to take, which may include dosage adjustment.

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