What Are Some Possible Side Effects of I-Lipo?


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As of 2015, there are no known risks or side effects of i-Lipo treatment, according to American Health Center. The procedure does not damage cells or tissue, and there is no recovery time after a session.

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The i-Lipo laser lipolysis treatment has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and patients of all skin types can safely receive treatment on any area of the body that has unwanted fat stores, explains the official i-Lipo website. The procedure uses low levels of laser light for bio-stimulation that affects the body's chemical pathways to free up stored energy. The procedure is painless and does not require the use of needles, and patients can return to their normal routines immediately after treatment.

The i-Lipo system is designed to stimulate the natural breaking down of triglycerides so they can be released through the cell membranes, notes the website. The body can then use the resulting glycerol and fatty acids for energy creation and metabolism. The i-Lipo system includes 36 individual treatment lasers in four laser pads, and the recommended course of treatment is two sessions per week for four weeks for a total of eight sessions. Patients should engage in light exercise soon after treatment to complete the metabolism process and release the broken-down fat stores from the body.

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