What Are the Possible Side Effects of Fixodent?

Possible side effects of Fixodent include zinc poisoning, low levels of copper in the body and neurological issues. Neurological issues may begin with numbness, tingling or pain in the extremities and progress to problems with balance and walking. Some people lose their ability to move their feet, legs, arms or hands.

Fixodent is a denture adhesive that contains a small amount of zinc, which helps keep the dentures securely in place. When used as directed, chances of experiencing symptoms related to zinc poisoning are low. The adverse side effects occur when people use excessive amounts of Fixodent over extended periods of time. This is often the case when dentures don't fit properly and the consumer uses increasing amounts of Fixodent to keep the dentures securely in place.

Although the body requires zinc for proper functioning, ingesting too much zinc causes suppression of bone marrow and spinal cord degeneration. People who experience symptoms of neurological issues due to zinc poisoning from overuse of Fixodent often notice improvement when they stop using the product; however, many remain impaired to some degree.

Fixodent's product website warns consumers to avoid applying more of the product than the package illustrates and notes that they should not apply Fixodent more than once a day. When used as directed, Fixodent contains no more zinc than a consumer obtains from ingesting a daily multivitamin, six oysters or 6 ounces of ground beef.