What Are Some Possible Side Effects of the DermaWand?

Possible side effects of the DermaWand include temporary skin peeling, redness and swelling, explains the company website. These side effects usually only occur when customers fail to follow the manufacturer instructions or use the DermaWand with certain skin conditions, such as rosacea, or skin-irritating products, such as chemical peels.

Customers should ideally use the DermaWand for three minutes at a time, twice daily, according to the DermaWand website. The manufacturer also instructs buyers to always begin with the wand at the lowest setting and then slowly increase the power level based on what feels comfortable on their skin. Failure to follow these instructions can result in temporary skin irritation. To be extra cautious, the DermaWand website further recommends that new users begin with using the wand for only one minute at a time and work their way up to three-minute sessions after monitoring how their skin reacts to the device.

There are certain times when it is best not to use the DermaWand, notes the company website. For example, using the device on sunburned skin can cause further irritation, and customers with sunburns should allow ample time for their skin to heal before using their DermaWands. Using the device during pregnancy can also sometimes cause undesirable effects due to skin changes that result from hormonal fluctuations. Women who notice they are developing acne or skin discoloration due to pregnancy hormones should consider waiting to use the DermaWand until their skin tones return to normal.