What Are the Possible Side Effects of 81-Milligram Aspirin?


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The side effects of low-dose aspirin, commonly encountered in the form of 81-milligram tablets, are identical to the side effects of aspirin manufactured in other dosage forms. The most frequent side effects include heartburn, epigastric pain, indigestion and nausea, according to Drugs.com.

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Low-dose aspirin is normally part of a daily regimen to prevent heart attacks and strokes in susceptible individuals. This treatment is not available to those who have allergies to aspirin such as aspirin-induced asthma, reports Mayo Clinic. Aspirin also causes increased bleeding, and a patient with a clotting or bleeding disorder should not take it. Aspirin can cause or exacerbate stomach ulcers in susceptible patients. Another side effect of daily low-dose aspirin is a rebound effect upon discontinuation that leads to increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

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