What Are Some Possible Remedies for Blocked Ears?


Some possible remedies for blocked or stuffed ears include taking decongestants and keeping the head propped up, WebMD explains. The treatments depend on the reason for the blockage.

If sinus problems block and plug up the ears, one of the best bets is to use a humidifier, WebMD says. It keeps the sinuses from drying out and creating pressure in the ears. A good alternative to a humidifier is taking a hot, steamy shower or holding a warm, moist cloth over the ears and nose. A decongestant can also help to unblock ears.

Individuals should avoid extremes in temperatures, advises WebMD. For instance, it is best to stay inside during either a sweltering or frigid day as extreme hot or cold temperatures can worsen the blockage and pressure on the sinuses. Often, the best treatment is to wait for the sinus problems to subside so that the swelling blocking the ears eases.

Sometimes plugged ears do not have an obvious reason, and the best treatment is to yawn or chew gum to relieve the blockage, states Mayo Clinic. Another method is to pinch the nostrils closed and gently try to blow out of the nose. This should pop the ears. If an individual's ears are blocked for more than a couple of weeks, a doctor needs to be consulted.