What Are Some Possible Reasons for Trembling Muscles?


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Reasons for trembling muscles include muscle fatigue, excessive caffeine intake, high levels of stress, advancement in age and reduced blood sugar levels. Traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and excessive alcohol consumption are examples of medical conditions that cause muscle tremors. Overproduction of the thyroid hormone also makes muscles tremble, according to Healthline.

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Types of muscle tremors are resting and action tremors. Resting tremors happen when a person is still and stop when there is movement. Resting tremors mostly affect fingers. Action tremors happen when the body part affected is in motion. Types of action tremors include intentional tremors, postural tremors, task-specific tremors, kinetic tremors and isometric tremors. Muscle tremor classifications based on appearance and cause include essential tremor, Parkinson's tremor, dystonic tremors, cerebellar tremors and psychogenic tremors, states Healthline.

Muscle tremors are unintentional oscillations of one or more body parts. Affected body parts include the head, face, arms, voice and legs. Muscle tremors sometimes are a symptom of a neurological disorder. They occur when the section of the brain that controls muscle movement dysfunctions. Medication such as amphetamines, corticosteroids and some drugs for psychiatric disorders cause trembling of muscles. Liver failure, alcohol withdrawal and mercury poisoning also cause muscles to tremble, according to MedicineNet.

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