What Are the Possible Reasons for Having Smelly Urine?

Eating certain foods, diabetes, dehydration and urinary tract infections can cause smelly urine, according to Healthline. Rarely, smelly urine occur due to a liver disease and bladder fistula.

Genetics may determine if eating asparagus can alter the smell of urine, explains Healthline. Garlic, onions and coffee may cause unusual smell of urine as well. Avoiding eating these foods for 12 hours helps to restore the normal smell. If the odor persists even after eliminating the foods, individuals should seek medical attention to determine other causes of the problem.

Diabetes generally occurs when blood sugar levels are extremely high, explains Healthline. The high levels of sugar in the bloodstream cause urine to smell sweet. Patients who experience sweet-smelling urine should contact their doctors immediately because diabetes can be fatal if left untreated. Dehydration is a result of not drinking adequate amount of fluids, so increasing the intake of fluids, including water, may relieve the problem. Dehydration that comes along with severe fatigue, weakness or confusion requires immediate medical care.

Symptoms of urinary tract infections include a strong urgency to urinate and a burning feeling while urinating that occur together with a strong-smelling urine, notes Healthline. Antibiotics help to counter the bacteria that cause the infections, relieving the problem. A strong smelly urine that occurs together with weight loss, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea or vomiting may indicate that a person has a liver disease. Such a person must seek medical treatment right away.