What Are Some Possible Reasons for Experiencing Back Pain in the Left Kidney Area?


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The most common cause of back pain in the left kidney area is kidney stones, according to Healthline. Other possibilities include a blockage stopping the flow of urine and causing it to back up into the kidneys, inflammation of the kidney and urinary tract, polycystic kidney disease, urinary tract infection and bladder cancer. A person experiencing pain in the kidney area should seek medical attention as soon as possible, especially if the pain is sudden and severe.

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Flank pain is usually worse on one side of the body. To diagnose the cause of the pain, doctors use patient-provided information regarding pain and other symptoms, explains Healthline. Imaging studies, blood tests and urine cultures also help determine the cause of the problem. The primary method of treatment for flank pain is rest and pain medicine, if necessary. Kidney stones, kidney infections and other serious causes of flank pain may require hospitalization and additional medical interventions.

The kidney lies against the back muscles in the upper part of the abdomen, states MedicineNet. It can be difficult to distinguish kidney pain from other back pain, such as pain due to muscle strain. Kidney pain is typically higher up in the back, near the ribs, and is deeper than pain from a back injury, which usually occurs in the lower back.

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