Is It Possible to Pass Gallstones?


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Gallstones may pass from the gallbladder to the bile ducts, according to Cedars-Sinai. They either remain there or pass out of the body through the intestines.

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Larger gallstones can cause a blockage in the bile duct, resulting in sharp pain that tends to come and go, explains Cedars-Sinai. Gallstones that block the pancreatic duct can cause pancreatitis, and gallstones that block the cystic duct can cause gallbladder inflammation.

Signs of a gallbladder attack may include upper abdominal pain, gas, belching, nausea, jaundice and fever, according to Cedars-Sinai. Treatment options for gallbladder stones include surgery to remove the stones or medications that slowly dissolve the stones over several months.

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