Is It Possible to Have a Normal Pregnancy After Fallopian Tube Removal?

The Texas Children's Hospital reports that it is possible to have a normal, natural pregnancy after a fallopian tube has been removed. A woman who has had one fallopian tube removed has a 40 percent of having a normal pregnancy following surgery.

Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago notes that women who have had one ectopic pregnancy and one fallopian tube removed have approximately a 45 percent chance of a normal pregnancy and delivery without the aid of in vitro fertilization. Once a woman has both fallopian tubes removed, she cannot get pregnant naturally. The only way for a woman to become pregnant in this instance is to have in vitro fertilization. The source notes that in vitro fertilization has a high success rate with providing a normal pregnancy for women who have had surgery to remove one or both fallopian tubes or who have damaged fallopian tubes.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine reports that in vitro fertilization occurs when the woman's egg is fertilized by the man's sperm in a laboratory. The doctor then places the fertilized egg in the woman's womb. In addition to in vitro fertilization, other fertility methods can be used if necessary once one fallopian tube has been removed. If the woman has one healthy fallopian tube and the man's sperm is healthy, the woman has a better chance of becoming pregnant naturally.