Is It Possible to Live a Full, Active Life Afterbeing Diagnosed With Syringomyelia?


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Depending on symptoms, many individuals live full and fairly active lives after a diagnosis of syringomyelia, states Mayo Clinic. Complications of syringomyelia may include chronic pain and emotional stress. Managing pain and avoiding putting stress on the spine are important in living with syringomyelia.

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Living with syringomyelia when it is not causing any symptoms is fairly easy; however, patients should be careful not to undertake any straining activities that put stress on the spine. Some cysts grow and cause problems for the patient. People suffering from pain often undergo surgery to drain the fluid-filled syrinx, claims Mayo Clinic. The surgery may not remove the cyst.

People who have nerve damage and pain resulting from syringomyelia have the most difficult time coping. Therapy and support groups can be helpful, says Mayo Clinic.

Syringomyelia is the condition caused by a cyst, or syrinx, in the spinal cord. This cyst generally forms as a consequence of Chiari malformation, a condition in which brain tissue protrudes into the spinal cord, notes Mayo Clinic. The cyst may not cause a patient any problems. In these cases, monitoring the cyst is all doctors need to do, but those who suffer chronic pain may need to resort to surgery.

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