What Are the Possible Causes of Tingling in a Person's Right Hand?


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Possible causes of tingling in the hands include diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, alcoholism, systematic diseases and nerve entrapment syndromes, as stated by WebMD. Other causes include animal bites, certain medications, abnormal levels of calcium, sodium or potassium in the body and seafood toxins.

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Tingling in the hands is a common condition, and it can be benign and temporary, as stated by WebMD. For example, tingling caused by pressure on the nerves clears up without any treatment or medication. Typically, the condition is not a cause of concern, unless it is due to an underlying issue. In some cases, the tingling accompanies other symptoms, such as pain, numbness and itching, and this can indicate nerve damage in the hand. Nerve damage can occur due to viral or bacterial infections, traumatic injuries, toxic exposures and systematic diseases.

Alcoholics tend to suffer from thiamine deficiency because of poor dietary habits, and this can lead to peripheral neuropathy, which causes tingling. A visit to the doctor is necessary to identify the main cause of the condition. The doctor carries out blood tests and imaging tests to determine any underlying condition, as stated by MedlinePlus. Tingling caused by certain medications requires a change in the medication. In some cases, the tingling is managed by treating the underlying condition.

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