What Are Possible Causes of a Nonitching Rash?


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Possible causes of a non-itching rash include allergies, virus, cosmetics, contact dermatitis and various diseases. A non-itching rash can also result from non-itchy acne, scars, and warts, reports Healthline.

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Contact dermatitis is the most common cause of a non-itching rash. The rash results from direct contact with allergens or irritants found in medicinal lotions, fragrances, jewelry, clothing and deodorant, reports Live Science. Some people get rashes through contact with certain makeup, soap, and poisonous plants such as poison sumac, poison ivy or poison oak. A non-itchy rash can result from a peeling due to external agents such as nickel and chemicals in latex, elastic or rubber.

Children experience non-itchy rashes resulting from illnesses such as chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever, fifth disease and Kawasaki disease, according to Healthline. A skin surface healing from impetigo and hand, mouth and foot disease result in a non-itchy rash. Some serious medical diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus leave non-itchy rashes as they heal.

Some people develop non-itchy rashes from the use of some cosmetic products. Beauty products contain preservative chemicals that trigger skin reaction in some people. Some people are sensitive to hair dyes as they contain chemicals such as peroxide. When a hair dye gets in contact with sensitive skin, it triggers a reaction leaving a non-itchy rash.

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