What Are Some Possible Causes for Hair Loss in Women?


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Causes of hair loss in women include a family history of female baldness, hormonal changes, medical conditions, too much hairstyling and certain treatments, states Mayo Clinic. Certain medications may also trigger hair loss in women.

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A hereditary condition known as female-pattern baldness causes hair thinning in women, affecting the age and rate in which women lose hair, according to Mayo Clinic. The condition causes a gradual loss of hair. Giving birth, menopause and pregnancy may cause variations or imbalances in hormones, leading to loss of hair. Thyroid problems may alter hormone levels, causing hair loss as well.

A hair-pulling disorder, also known as trichotillomania, makes people pull hair from various parts of their bodies, explains Mayo Clinic. Skin disorders such as lupus may also trigger the problem. Medications for birth control may induce hair loss. Medications for depression, heart problems, cancer and arthritis and excessive intake of vitamin A may cause women to lose hair.

Hot oil air treatments inflame hair follicles, leading to loss of hair, as Mayo Clinic explains. The treatments may scar the skin, leading to permanent hair loss. Frequent hairstyling and tight hairstyles, such as cornrows and pigtails, cause gradual hair loss. Surgery, too much weight loss and radiation therapy to the head may trigger the condition. Emotional stress and malnutrition may render a woman vulnerable to hair loss.

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