What Are the Possible Causes of a Constant Humming in the Head?


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A possible cause of a constant humming in the head is tinnitus, which is an internal humming, ringing, whistling or chirping, explains WebMD. Although tinnitus and internal humming are often a result of hearing loss or permanent damage to the cochlea cells in the ear, it can occur in people with no history of auditory problems.

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What Are the Possible Causes of a Constant Humming in the Head?
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Tinnitus, or humming in the head, can also be a result of certain medical conditions, medications, head injuries and ear blockages, states WebMD. Ear wax, inflammation in the inner ear or growths can press on the auditory nerve and cause hearing anomalies. Tinnitus can be a natural side effect of antidepressants, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications and quinine. Both otosclerosis and Meniere's disease are specific medical conditions that affect the inner ear and cause humming. Head, neck and jaw injuries and problems can also affect the nerves in the ears and face, producing internal sounds.

Tinnitus is alleviated by treating the underlying cause, taking medications, using masking devices or undergoing cognitive therapy, advises WebMD. Masking devices use white noise or more pleasant sounds to drown out the humming. Cognitive therapy combines counseling with other treatments to minimize the impact of the noise on a person's quality of life. If the humming is a result of a tooth or jaw problem, dental treatment can help to reduce the tinnitus.

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