What Are Some Possible Causes of Brain Seizures?


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Seizures may be caused by a number of brain and nervous system issues, including fever, low blood sugar, brain damage or congenital problems, explains WebMD. Other causes include withdrawal from alcohol or drugs, infections, brain tumors or parasitic infections.

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Immediately following a seizure, it is important that the victim is evaluated, claims WebMD. The victim should be checked for injures and placed on his or her side. If the victim is having difficulty breathing, it's possible that saliva or vomit is blocking the airway. This is usually easy to sweep away by using a finger. Tight clothing should be loosened, and the person should be allowed to rest.

The victim of a seizure should not be given anything to eat or drink until they are alert and awake, according to WebMD. Another person should stay with them until he or she is awake and knows the surroundings. It is normal for most people to be confused or sleepy following a seizure. Someone who has had a seizure should not drive, operate heavy machinery or swim until evaluated by a doctor. In many cases, a seizure is mild and may never occur again. In other cases, a seizure can be the sign of a serious medical condition. Because of this, it is important to see a doctor following any seizure.

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