How Do You Position Your Body When Walking With a Cane?


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Canes are held in the hand opposite an injury or area of lower body weakness, according to MedlinePlus. In a normal walking gait, they move in conjunction with the injured or weakened limb, swinging forward as the arm moves forward. Canes widen the body's base of support, offering added stability.

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Navigating curbs and stairs with a cane takes some practice, notes eMedicineHealth. To go down a curb, get your balance at the edge of the curb and move the cane down the step. Step down using your weaker leg, meeting it with the stronger leg. To step up a curb, the movements are reversed -- step up with the strongest leg and then meet it with both the cane and the weak or injured leg. The phrase, "Up with the good, down with the bad," is an easy way to help remember these motions.

Stairs are navigated in a similar fashion, explains eMedicineHealth. If a banister is available, stabilize yourself by holding on to it as you move. When going up, step with the strongest leg, then follow with the impaired leg and cane. When going down, lead with the cane and impaired leg, following with the stronger leg. Repeat until you reach a level surface, and be sure to regain your balance before moving forward.

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