Which Poses Are Part of a Beginner Yoga Routine?


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Poses that are commonly part of beginner yoga routines are child's pose, mountain pose and downward facing dog. Yoga routines transition from one pose to the next.

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Which Poses Are Part of a Beginner Yoga Routine?
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Child's pose is performed by kneeling on the mat with the knees as wide apart as the hips, and the legs coming together so the big toes are touching. The torso lays flat over the thighs, and the arms are extended straight out on the mat. This pose is good for resting and getting back into a rhythm with the breath.

Mountain pose is performed by standing straight up with the feet together. As the practitioner takes a breath, he raises his arms straight up towards the sky with the palms facing each other.

Downward facing dog makes the body look like an upside down letter "v." It is a transition from child's pose. The practitioner presses up with both hands to assume a tabletop position, with wrists directly underneath the shoulders and knees directly underneath the hips. The toes go under the heels, then the hips lift up to create the pose. The head should be relaxed between both arms while the practitioner attempts to straighten his legs and get his heels to the ground. For stability, weight should be balanced between all four limbs.

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