What Are Some Popular Valentine's Greetings?


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Popular greetings to express to a loved one on Valentine's Day include the simple but always appropriate "Happy Valentine's Day", as well as "Be My Valentine" and, of course, "I Love You." Valentine's greetings can be personalized to fit the personalities and unique relationship between two people.

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Each year on February 14th, people in the United States and other regions around the world celebrate Valentine's Day. According to History.com, Valentine's Day is rooted in the ancient Roman fertility festival, Lupercalia, and later Christianized to honor St. Valentine, the holiday's namesake. The desire to express love on this popular holiday results in 62 percent of Americans giving flowers, greeting cards, teddy bears and candy to their loved ones.

Giving a greeting card to a spouse, partner, parent, or child on Valentine's Day as a token of affection has become a traditional past time in this country. Buying cards during this time of the year is so common that the American greeting card industry boasts that Valentine's Day is one of the most profitable holidays of the year for card-buyers, second only to Christmas. Valentine's Day greeting cards are now purchased on paper in stores or sent virtually through select online retailers. Sentiments range from cheesy and romantic to sarcastic and humorous.

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