What Are Some Popular Total Body Workout Programs?


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BodyBuilding.com's full-body workout, MuscleAndFitness.com's summer full-body workout program and the "best" full-body muscle workout from MensFitness.com are some popular total-body workout programs. Each of these workouts is based around resistance exercises for multiple muscle groups.

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Body Building offers a basic guideline for designing a total-body workout program as well as several examples of exercises that work specific muscle groups. In this program, the participant performs a total-body workout on three non-consecutive days each week. Each workout is comprised of exercises for eight different muscle groups, including chest, back, legs, shoulders and abdominal muscles. The participant selects a particular exercise to focus on each muscle group. For example, to work the legs, she may perform squats, leg presses or hack squats.

The summer full-body workout program available on Muscle and Fitness includes both resistance exercises and cardiovascular training. In this program, the participant works out for five days each week. Each workout focuses on one or two muscle groups through 10 to 15 separate moves. Participants are encouraged to use relatively light weights to avoid muscle exhaustion and to jump rope in between sets rather than resting. This program is intended to be followed for four weeks to slim and tone the full body.

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