What Are Some Popular Manscaping Techniques?


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Popular manscaping techniques include trimming with hair clippers, shaving, waxing and laser hair removal, according to Esquire. Men should choose decide which procedure to use based on the target area of the body and the amount of hair to be removed.

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What Are Some Popular Manscaping Techniques?
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Trimming neatens the hair without completely removing it. Any hair clippers can successfully trim hair on the face, chest, back, arm pits and legs. Attachments allow users to trim hair in the nose and ears. Waterproof clippers can be used in the shower, states Esquire.

For total hair removal, some choose to shave at home. Hot wax hair removal, however, is less-painful and more effective, according to Esquire. Hot wax strips are available for home use, but hot wax hair removal should be done by a professional. Hot wax can be used to remove nose hair, shape the brows, neaten or remove chest and back hair, and remove hair from the buttocks and private areas.

Those choosing to remove hair in one area completely, such as the chest, should trim and neaten hair in other areas such as the legs and arm pits, recommends Esquire. Laser hair removal provides a solution for those looking for permanent hair removal. This procedure is performed by trained aestheticians.

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