What Are Some Popular Home Remedies for Gas?


Herbs in the carminative family, such as ginger, basil, nutmeg, garlic and parsley, are good for getting rid of gas, notes Everyday Health. Probiotics, small organisms that are similar to bacteria in the human gut can also help get rid of gas. Good sources of probiotics include yogurt, kimchi and buttermilk.

Apart from carminatives and probiotics, a change of diet can help to get rid of gas. Beans and certain vegetables are particularly notorious for triggering the problem. Beans, select vegetables and several other foods contain sugars that the body cannot digest. Certain remedies can help, but because they only work for some people, the best solution is to avoid problem foods. Lactose, the natural sugar found in milk, can also cause gas as can some foods with a lot of fiber. Stress also causes problems with gas. This is because there are nerve bundles throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Stress interferes with the nerve function and encourages the formation of gas.

These sentiments are echoed by a 2008 review of evidence from various studies cited by Mary Elizabeth Dallas of Everyday Health. The review was published in the Evidenced-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal. Authors of the review noted that yoga, meditation, counseling and lifestyle changes that minimized stressful situations helped to alleviate gas. Nutritionist Shannon Kadlovski recommends soaking or sprouting food before cooking and chewing it to prevent the problem.