What Are Some Popular Diabetes Support Groups?

As of 2015, popular diabetes support groups include Diabetic Connect, Children with Diabetes and Typeonenation, according to the Behavioral Diabetes Institute. These groups provide online platforms for people suffering from or affected by the condition to come together and encourage each other, share ideas, ask questions and interact.

Diabetic Connect provides treatment information and latest news and allows members to ask questions and get answers from experts, notes the Behavioral Diabetes Institute. Members can share information about the condition, read about treatment strategies, and join discussion groups to interact with other members. The group is an affiliate of Alliance Health, whose mission is to create support communities for different conditions, diabetes being one of them.

Children with Diabetes provides a platform for members to access education and support, as stated on the forum. Members can chat or join forums to discuss issues. The group also has a panel of experts ready to answer questions from members. Members can access care suggestions and read the latest news regarding the condition. The group also provides studies and surveys on the condition.

Typeonenation is the brainchild of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, explains the Behavioral Diabetes Institute. Members can access blogs, videos and groups on the platform. The goal of Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund is to help reduce the impact of Type 1 diabetes in people’s lives.