What Are Some Popular Brands of Antihistamines?


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Some popular brands of antihistamines include Allegra, Tylenol Allergy and Claritin, according to Antihistamine.com. When the body is exposed to allergens, histamines are released, which cause the typical allergy symptoms. Antihistamine medications work by preventing histamines from attaching to cells, as explained by FamilyDoctor.org.

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Allegra, also known as fexofenadine, is a popular over-the-counter allergy medication. It's considered a second generation antihistamine because it is a histamine receptor antagonist, reports Antihistamine.com. Tylenol Allergy works as an antihistamine and reduces the pain associated with nasal congestion, sinus pressure and other allergy symptoms. Claritin is the brand name for loratadine, and it comes in several forms, including dissolving tablets and syrup.

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