Do Popped Blood Vessels Go Away?

popped-blood-vessels-away Credit: Ed Reschke/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Popped blood vessels, which often appear on the face, go away, but the process of fading can take quite a while. There are methods a person can use to speed up healing, according to InnovateUs.

InnovateUs states that popped blood vessels form when a clot within the vessel causes it to bulge, weaken and eventually break. The vessels, called thread or spider veins, are generally colored red or blue and appear on the nose, chin or cheeks. Treat the spot with an ice pack, and leave the cold compress on the area for about five minutes. Moisturizers, which are rich in vitamin C or K, can also assist in resolving the skin problem. Some patients elect to undergo vein procedures like laser therapy or sclerotherapy, which uses a sclerosant to shut off the vein so it dissolves and eventually fades.