How Do You Get a Popcorn Kernel Out of the Throat?


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To remove a popcorn kernel from the throat, give the Heimlich maneuver, explains MedlinePlus. This technique is a method of preventing suffocation when a person's airway becomes blocked.

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The Heimlich maneuver is a method of unblocking a person's airway and is known to be a safe application on both children and adults. If a popcorn kernel enters a person's airway, the airway becomes blocked and respiration is limited, according to Mayo Clinic. In this state, a person experiences difficulty talking, uneasy breathing, an inability to cough and at times a loss of consciousness.

When receiving the Heimlich maneuver, a person feels pressure applied to his stomach. This pressure increases air flow in the direction opposing the force of the obstructing object, notes MedlinePlus. A person can receive the Heimlich maneuver but can also apply the technique to himself. Through this method, a person makes a fist and places it on the ribcage. The other hand is then used to apply pressure on the fist and exert a force strong enough to oppose the obstructing object. In other cases, a person can lean up against a railing or edge and thrust his body forward to exert a similar type of force.

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