How Do You Pop a Boil?


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To pop a boil, apply warm, moist washcloths to the boil repeatedly to draw the pus to the surface, bringing the boil to a head so it opens and drains, advises WebMD. Never use a pin or other object to pop a boil, as doing so may lead to a worsening infection.

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Once the boil begins to drain, wash it with antibacterial soap, explains WebMD. Once the pus is gone, use alcohol to clean the area. Apply a topical antibiotic cream, and cover the area with a bandage. Wash the affected area two or three times a day until the wound heals.

Some boils require medical assistance to drain, advises the Baltimore Sun. See a doctor if you have a very painful boil, a boil that worsens, a boil accompanied by a fever, or a boil on the face or spine. Also seek medical assistance in dealing with a boil if you have an underlying illness, you are diabetic, or you take a medication that causes or treats an impaired immune system. A doctor may lance, drain and dress the boil and prescribe antibiotics if infection is present, according to WebMD. Whether you treat the boil at home or a doctor lances it, you must clean the area several times a day until the lesion heals.

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