What Are Polymyxin B Sulfate-Trimethoprim Eye Drops For?


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Polymyxin B sulfate-trimethoprim eye drops treat bacterial infections of the eye, as stated by WebMD. The eye drops contains two antibiotics: polymyxin B, which kills bacteria, and trimethoprim, which stops bacterial growth.

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Polymyxin B sulfate-trimethoprim eye drops are only effective in treating bacterial infections, such as bacterial conjunctivitis and blepharitis, according to WebMD. To use the eye drops, patients should wash their hands, tilt their head back and stretch the lower eyelid, placing a drop of the medication into the resulting pouch. Patients should then close the eye while looking downward and applying pressure to the inner corner of the eye for one to two minutes. Patients must not wear contact lenses while using this medication. Proper dosage varies depending on the type of infection and a patient's response to treatment.

Side effects of polymyxin B sulfate-trimethoprim eye drops include temporary blurred vision and stinging, burning, itching or redness of the eye, as stated by WebMD. Prolonged use may result in fungal infections and other types of infections. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to polymyxin B sulfate-trimethoprim requiring emergency medical attention may include itching or swelling of the facial area, trouble breathing, severe dizziness and rash. Patients should inform their doctor if they notice any new eye symptoms after starting treatment.

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