Which Points Are Most Commonly Used in Acupuncture?

Common acupuncture points include the fleshy web between the thumb and first finger, the soft spot between the big and second toe and the spot three finger widths up from the inner ankle bone. The wrist is another common spot, and several studies support the claim that acupressure of the wrist helps treat nausea and vomiting caused by certain medical situation.

The point between the thumb and forefinger targets an area of the large intestine, and the spot between the big and second toe is connected to the liver. The point above the inner ankle bone is connected to the spleen, explains WebMD. Additional health benefits from acupuncture include reducing cancer symptoms cancer treatment affects, lower back pain, headaches and pain caused from arthritis. One study also suggests that it helps with depression and anxiety.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is theorized that the body contains acupoints that are located along the body's meridians. Acupuncture practitioners believe that "chi," the body's natural life force, flows through these meridians. It is believed that the meridians are connected to certain body parts and act as a form of communication throughout the body, says WebMD. If a meridian becomes blocked or thrown out of balance, illness develops and acupuncture is one method that traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use to correct the disruptions in the meridians.