What Is the Point Allowance Chart for Weight Watchers?

The Weight Watchers allowance chart shows members how many points can be consumed in a day as a part of their diet. The Weight Watchers program assigns points to food items based on nutritional content in order to guide participants into healthy weight loss.

The Weight Watchers system does not count calories or restrict carbohydrates like many diets. Instead, Weight Watchers works on a unique points system that allows users to eat whatever they want.

Weight Watchers points are calculated by an evaluation of four unique nutritional components: fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. High fat and carb contents give food products a higher point score, while high fiber and protein levels result in a lower point score. Fruits and vegetables are all scored at zero points to encourage intake.

Weight Watchers has changed the inner workings of their program numerous times over the years, culminating in the current PointsPlus program. The PointsPlus diet allows a 26 points per day with an allotted number of Flex Points that can be used as needed each week. Users can earn more points through exercise, which can also be used as needed throughout a week. Program members can track their points online, calculating values based on the Weight Watchers database or using the points calculator available on the website and smart phone app. Using the point allowance chart in conjunction with other Weight Watchers tools, program members can track diet and exercise in a way that promotes weight loss.