Is Pneumonia Infectious?


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While most types of pneumonia are not infectious, walking pneumonia is infectious. Walking pneumonia is a milder form of the disease that does not normally require hospitalization, according to WebMD. People catch this infection due to the exposure of water droplets that form when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

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Is Pneumonia Infectious?
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Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs. This inflammation results from many things, such as bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Inhaling caustic chemicals or food into the lungs can also cause pneumonia, reports WebMD. Double pneumonia affects both the lungs. The infection injures tissues in the lungs, causing them to die and shed dead cells. These materials make it difficult for the lungs to provide oxygen to the rest of the body.

Pneumonia treatment depends on the cause of the infection. Doctors treat bacterial pneumonia with antibiotics; however, viral infections do not respond to antibiotics. Severe infections sometimes require a stay in the hospital with intravenous antibiotics, according to KidsHealth. Most patients get better in about two weeks, but they may remain weak for up to a month, states WebMD.

People can take steps to reduce their chances of pneumonia. An annual flu shot helps to prevent a respiratory infection that sometimes leads to pneumonia. Proper hand washing, using soap and water, prevents colds and the flu, reducing the chances of developing pneumonia, according to KidsHealth.

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