How Do You Take Plexus Slim?


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Take Plexus Slim 30 minutes before any meal by pouring one packet of the product into a 12- to 20-ounce glass of water, stirring the mixture, and then drinking it. Consume this powder twice per day, according to the product's instructions on its official website.

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One active ingredient of Plexus Slim is chlorogenic acid, a chemical found in green coffee extract. Although no scientific studies have been done on the safety of Plexus Slim as of November 2014, chlorogenic acid is shown to be generally safe when patients consume less than 2,000 milligrams per day, notes the Natural Health Advisory Institute.

Hoodia gornonii extract may cause nausea and increased blood pressure in amounts higher than 2,220 milligrams per day. It is unlikely that Plexus Slim contains this much Hoodia gornonii extract, but the effects of lower dosages are not known. One of the concerns regarding the consumption of Plexus Slim is that one 5-gram pouch of the product does not list the amount of each ingredient contained within the powder, explains the Natural Health Advisory Institute.

Ingredients in the proprietary blend listed on the website for Plexus Slim are shown to control appetite, lower blood sugar and help with weight loss. However, there is little disclosure and no scientific research to back up the company's claims, according to NOLA Media Group.

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