How Does a Plastic Surgery Simulator Work?


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A plastic surgery stimulator is a program that modifies a photograph of a person to show the results of the chosen plastic surgery procedure, according to Plastic Surgery Simulator. These programs are available for the computer and mobile devices, including tablet computers.

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One plastic surgery simulator, called "Plastic Surgery Simulator: Android," is available for all mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Mac computers, according to Plastic Surgery Simulator. The user uploads a photograph, selects a type of surgery and area of the body, then watches as it morphs the picture according to the chosen features. The user imports images from the memory card on the device, built-in camera gallery or the image library on the phone. The user then selects the area of the body to work on, which crops the image.

There are single and dual views available on the app, says Plastic Surgery Simulator. Rotating the device changes the view of the altered image. By rotating the device, the user sees the original image and the modified image to see how they compare. Distortion effects are also available, such as shrinking or stretching certain areas of the body.

Plastic surgeons also provide plastic surgery simulators for use on the computer, according to Robert Taylor, M.D. These simulators are available on the plastic surgeon’s website and give the user an idea of how she may look following particular procedures.

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