What Are Some Places Singles Can Find Other Singles?


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Singles can find singles at places such as wine tastings, the dog park, a class, the bookstore or at a bar. Singles can also look online to meet singles on traditional dating sites such as Match.com. They also can meet people through Meetup.com, a site that facilitate activities for people.

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Meetup is not a dating site per se, but it a place for people to organize events. These may or may not cater to singles, but in either case they can be a good way to meet people in a low-pressure atmosphere.

Another option is for singles to host a "Dating Leftovers" party. The host asks each guest to bring someone of the opposite sex (or same sex, depending on the person's orientation), who they are not interested in dating themselves. Another variation on this idea is to attend a speed dating event, where singles go on 8 to 15 mini-dates in a public space.

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