What Are Some Places to Get Gentian Violet?


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Gentian violet is available for purchase from Walgreens and Amazon.com. Walmart also carries gentian violet, according to its website. All three of these resources carry the De La Cruz brand of gentian violet.

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Gentian violet is available for purchase from Walgreens retail locations as well as on Walgreens.com. The website offers free shipping on purchases that exceed $35, as of 2015. Walgreens instructs users to clean and dry the affected area before applying gentian violet. It is also advised to leave the area uncovered and to apply the topical treatment one or two times a day.

Commonly used to treat fungal infections of the skin, gentian violet is a topical antiseptic with mild antibacterial properties. It is also used to treat minor cuts and scrapes in order to avoid infection, states WebMD. Some doctors prescribe gentian violet to treat fungal infections in the mouth, such as thrush.

Gentian violet is intended for topical use only. Unless instructed by a doctor, it is not safe to apply gentian violet to the mouth, nose or ears, notes WebMD. Using this medicine regularly helps the body receive the most benefits from it. However, it is important to keep it away from unaffected skin and clothing, since it is a medicinal dye.

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